I’m so happy you’re here!

Hello, how are you? I’m Debora Peyer, a passionate Brazilian web developer & designer who’s now based in San Diego, CA. I design and develop user-friendly and interactive websites.

I believe that every business, from sole proprietor to small business, deserve their own space and chance to stand out online, so my purpose with Technium Design is to connect your business through some strategic designs and development and involving storytelling to help your brand be memorable making an impact on your clients

“A little magic can take you a long way”

Back in time, it seemed like a crazy idea to create an online “me”, but creating this, my brand was the way for me to do everything I’ve always wanted. With it, I was able to take control of my own story. Opportunities started to appear, clients started reaching out because they saw my website, social media posts, and portfolio. I was able to help people identify themselves and be their own inspiration.

Technium Design

I’ve read Origin, by Dan Brown, and it made me spend some days fascinated about the whole supercomputer story and how it affects the human species, all the technology involved, the whole context.

And from that, Technium Design was born. Being a company that believes in self-love and expressing yourself, we launch with the intention to step up the branding game with modern visuals, cool features, new ways to do websites and branding.



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