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Many people think only business can have their own pages and their own identity online. However, that’s not true. Even if you work in a company, you can have your brand and establish a presence online for your audience. That doesn’t mean you’ll sell anything or that you’ll have two jobs, but only that you’re an expert on what you do, and you want to share your knowledge with the world, which can be done through a website and social media, for example.

However, you may ask: why will I have a personal website and position myself if I’m not making any money out of this? The answer is simple: you are constructing an identity. You’re showing the world that you’re a competent worker and know what you’re doing. This means your talents do not belong just to the company you’re working for, but they are yours. This makes it easier for opportunities to see you, and be aware of what you can offer. 

What content will I put on my website?

That depends on what subjects you want to talk about. What are the topics you like? What are you an expert on? Normally, when creating a brand, we talk about things we already worked on, the expertise you have in an area of knowledge (sales, recruiting, data analysis, etc) or anything you think would be helpful for other people.

Every time people think about your niche or your field of work, they’ll remember you.

For what else does a website work?

Besides content, a personal website can be your portfolio, where you describe all your work journey, it can be a place where you display your college/Ph.D. backgrounds, sort of a resume online, and more interactive.

Basically, having a website for you is having a space on the internet to show yourself, your qualifications, and to put in the game when we talk about the labor market. When showing up, you let people know you’re an option.

How do I create a personal website? 

“I don’t get nothing about technology”. If that’s the first thought that came in your mind, don’t worry; you’re not the only one. All of us have our zones of genius, and it’s ok to not know how to create a personal website, and how to do all the amazing things we describe above.

For this, it’s why Technium Design exists. We have the mission to make you stand up wherever you are and show your truth to the world. We believe in expressing yourself and letting your mark, your legacy.

No one is YOU and that is your brand. Come with us to create your identity, and start showing up for yourself on the internet. You don’t need to place all your bets on the work you have right now. You can have options, and you can control them through your brand.

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